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Connection Service

Connecting you to the right place

This is an established service that we offer to organisations to help connect people to internal processes within an organisation or coordinate the entry into dispute resolution services. There can be up to four steps in this and these can be tailored for each organisation.

Connect to the right part of an organisation

This service is designed to ensure people access an organisation internal processes for example escalation or complaints processes.

This entry service can be a stand-alone service, or incorporated into a wider system. It is possible that this is done internally through an organisation's system, however we recommend that this be established externally to ensure transparency and independence.

Initial contact

This is the first step which is a contact stage when the person raises the issue with us, either directly or through your organisation. This sometimes occurs in the context of an organisation making decisions that a person disagrees with or in the context of a complaint or dispute developing.

It is best practice to allow multiple options for users to access the service and obtain information, including website, email, phone and specialised navigation services. This approach helps remove access barriers.

Our focus is making sure the person is heard and understood and that we can connect them to the right place.

From the first conversation, there are three main pathways forward. We can connect a person to the right part of the organisation they have been dealing with, we can connect a person to an external organisation that can help resolve the dispute or we can connect people with an external organisation that can provide specific services for example navigation services, advocacy services or legal services.

Connection internally with an organisation to allow early resolution

The focus at this stage is to talk to the people involved and connect the right people together to allow early resolution and prevent the development of a formal dispute that can become a negative experience. It is also a requirement of many external dispute resolution processes that the person has used the internal processes.

Connection to a dispute resolution service

This allows us to connect people to the right dispute resolution service provider.

Connection to other services

In some cases, people need additional services and where these are available, we will connect people to the appropriate services. This could include advocacy, representation or peer support.