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About Us

Find out what makes us work

The Connection and Navigation Service was been created by Simply Resolution as part of a strategy to improve equity of access to and outcomes through the dispute resolution system. In 2024, we became an independent organisation.

We believe this will improve access to justice for our people and transform the way people experience disputes and the justice system in Aotearoa. We will do this by creating a space for collaboration and then creating partnerships with organisations within the sector and the community.

We know that connection and navigation services are necessary support services in many parts of our resolution system to overcome access barriers to improve equity of access and outcomes.

We have developed this organisation to address access barriers. We will provide a central point for collaboration with partners and communities throughout Aotearoa New Zealand and organisations that provider dispute resolution services.

We know that this will be a long-term project. Access barriers exist in many parts of the resolution and justice systems and we cannot do this work alone.